The Norden Bombsight

The Norden bombsight is a bombsight made by the American Air Forces in World War II. The Norden Bombsight's creation was a closely-guarded secret of the united states, however, Herman Lang, a German Spy working at the factory was able to leak the design to the Abwehr in 1938. Designed by Carl Norden the Norden bombsight was adopted by the USAAF. The Bombsight was first used by air forces to bomb ships with the B-17 Flying Fortress. It was rumored that the Bombsight was so accurate that it could have a bomb land in a pickle barrel. The Bombsight was also called the weapon to win the war. Although the bombsight was credited with much it was very poor in combat. In perfect conditions about 50% of the bombs hit their targets and most pilots believed that 90% of the bombs went off. Despite this many of the B-17 and B-24 veterans swore on the Norden. Even though it was not very accurate the Norden Bombsight was valuable technology. Because of this the pilots were forced to protect its secret with their lives if necessary. Thus if the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in enemy territory he had to shoot the Norden's main parts to disable it. As this tactic still left an intact norden a thermite gun was added. The heat of the chemical reaction would reduce the norden to a pile of metal. As World War II ended the security was toned down. However the first public showing of the Bombsight wasn't until 1944.

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