The History Of Yahoo

The History of Yahoo!
By LBeard


The co-founders of Yahoo! are David Filo and Jerry Yang, they started Yahoo! in 1994. The founders were in graduate school for Electrical Engineering at Stanford University when they begin work on what became today’s Yahoo! Filo and Yang started the website as a hobby and way to track their personal interest on the internet. But, as it gradually got larger and when they realized that in under a year their site had received a million hits, they decided to incorporate it. Seeing that they had the start of what looked to be a profitable business they started arranging meetings to try and get funds. In April 1995, after dozens of meetings, Sequoia Capital agreed to give Yahoo! a start-up investment of close to two million dollars. When Yahoo! had their initial public offering they sold well over two and a half million shares of their stock for thirteen dollars a share.

Yahoo! expanded through the years by adding new features in order to keep their viewers happy; as they grew they were able to start buying other companies. Yahoo! really grew between 1997-2000 when they managed to acquire several different small internet sites: Rocketmail, which became Yahoo! Mail; became Yahoo! Games; and eGroups, which became Yahoo! Groups. They also came out with Yahoo! Messenger, their instant messaging system, in 1998.
When the height of the dot-com boom hit so did the prices for the yahoo stocks. In December of 1999 the Yahoo! stock prices doubled. On January 4, 2000 their stock prices closed at an all time high of $118.75 per share.
Also, during the dot-com bubble while Yahoo! stocks were sky rocketing, it was reported that Yahoo! and eBay were in the process of establishing a 50 / 50 merging. While that never went through, six years later in 2006, eBay and Yahoo formed a marketing / advertising agreement.
When the dot-com bubble came to an end few large internet businesses were still around. While Yahoo! managed to stay alive they still suffered during the crash. In September 2001 Yahoo! stocks closed at the low price of $4.06.
Yahoo! attempted to keep up with companies like Google, by offering larger storage capacities to people using Yahoo! Mail shortly after the Google release Gmail in 2004.

Yahoo! was originally started under the name of “Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web”, the founders changed the name of the site very shortly to the current title of Yahoo!, sometimes abbreviated just Y!
Yahoo officially stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle". The co-founders say that they picked Yahoo though, because they liked its definition. (Yahoo: rude, unsophisticated, and uncouth.)
Yahoo closed today (March 25, 2009) with its stock price at $13.55. That’s a similar amount to their initial public offering price. Also, compare that to their high and low through the years.
In November 2008, Yang stepped down as the companies CEO.


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