The Apache Foundation
Ten years ago, some members of the Apache group formed the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Apache group started the foundation because the group had grown very large, and the group’s members needed more infrastructure, and better protection from legal threats.
One thing that sets the Apache foundation apart from other open source projects is that it works as a meritocracy, meaning that the more merit you have, the more power you have within the foundation. This was because the Apache group did not have a specific leader, more of a group of people with common interests, so when they thought someone earned the right to be in the group, they were in. this principle was carried on into the Apache foundation.
Because there are several smaller communities, called projects, within the Apache foundation, the Foundation has two groups governing over them, the Board of Directors, which manages the members, and the Project Management Committees, which as their name implies, manage the projects. The Board of Directors is composed of member, and the Project Management Committees are composed of developers.
The Board of Directors is composed of nine members elected by other members of the foundation. Their responsibilities include managing the business of the company, coming up with bylaws, and appointing Project management committees.
The Project Management Committees each manage a few projects determined by the Board of Directors when that committee was founded. Each one consists of one officer appointed by the Board of Directors, and one or more foundation members.
There are several roles within the foundation.
o User.
o Developer
o Committer
o Project Management Committee member
o Project management Committee chair
o Apache Software Foundation member

The user is someone who uses the software of the apache Software Foundation. The only real service they provide is feedback on software.
Developers are people who have helped a project in some way. Whether making a patch, or posting comments and criticism on the forum. Developers are also known as contributors.
A committer is essentially a developer who has agreed to do more work in the future by signing a contract.
A Project Management Committee member is a developer or a committer who has been elected to a Project management Committee. Committee members have the right to vote in decisions concerning the foundation.
The chair of a Project management Committee is someone appointed by the Board of Directors to be the link between the committee and the Board of Directors.
An ASF member is someone who was deemed worthy to become a member by a vote of other members. A member can vote for a board member, and attempt to become a board member himself or herself.
The Apache Software Foundation is very influential to the Internet. According to their website, 65% of websites are powered by the Apache HTTPD web server, and is the current market leader

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