Session 4
  1. Start SciTE: Start -> All Programs -> Ruby-186 -> SciTE
  2. Save As … calc.rb on the Desktop
  3. Start with Numbers
  4. You can "comment out" lines of code with the hash character '#'
  5. You can comment blocks of code by selecting and Ctrl-Q
  6. Ctrl-Q uncomments blocks of code, too.
  7. Integers and Floats
  8. Integer division is different!
  9. On to Letters
  10. Strings are "strings" of letters in single-quotes
  11. You can add strings. This is called concatenation.
  12. You can multiply strings, too.
  13. But watch out for Type Errors.
  14. What if you want to put a single-quote in your string?
  15. Backslash escapes characters.
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