History Of Atari

[(by Sbeard)]

Atari was the first gaming system ever. My Mom said that Atari was as old as sliced bread. I thought that was funny. Atari started out in 1972 with a game called Computer Space. It pretty much failed because the game was to complicated to play. So they came out with a much simpler game. Pong. Pong was a virtual ping pong game. Surprisingly more pong games were being bought then ping pong tables. All you really did in pong was there was two little lines on each end and you would move your joy stick up and down to make your line move. When the ball would hit one of the lines the ball would move in a random direction. If you failed to hit the ball it would be a point for the other team.

Atari 2600

Atari 2600 was very popular in the 1980's. It came with the game system, Two joysticks and a video game. In the later years guess what came with it? The classic pac-man. I personally don't see how on earth they managed to have fun with that because compared to what we have today that looks really really boring. How you use the Atari 2600 is by moving the joystick in the direction you want to go. Atari 2600 was originally called Atari VDS for video computer system.


I figured that since pac-man was one of the most popular games I should at least mention it. Pac-man like we all know was this little circle that was in a bunch of different mazes and was trying to avoid little ghosts. These ghosts had a certain pattern that they fallowed which made it a very easy game because they sold sheets that told people were to move so that they could defeat the game. That really defeated the point of the game. In the game you would be trying to get to the center and along the way you would try to get little fruit I think.

The Down fall

Atari started out as a good business with good games and good (for that time period) graphics. But after they sold the company it became more of just a get a game out there and see if people like it. They made a game for E.T and it was so bad that they had to build a land fill for all of the unsold games. The person who made pong said that when he saw the game he cried, it was that bad. They made so many bad games in a row that people just stopped buying there games. Since people stopped buying there games there stocks dropped like a bomb and they lost about two million dollars every day. In the end it all failed in 1983.

So in the end Atari started as a small relaxed company went to a bigger company and slowly got worse and worse games and then fell so badly that they left cracks in the floor.

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