COBOL is one of the oldest programing language still in use. COmmon Business-Oriented Language is what it stands for. A specification of COBOL was created in 1959 by Grace Hopper. A comity composed of six computer manufacturers were Burroughs Corporation, IBM, Minneapolis-Honeywell (Honeywell Labs), RCA, Sperry Rand, and Sylvan Electric Products and three government agencies who were the US Air Force, the David Taylor Model Basin, and the National Bureau of Standards (now National Institute of Standards and Technology) was formed to recommend a short range approach to a common business language. Then in December 1959 William Selden and Gertrude Tierney of IBM. Howard Bromberg and Howard Discount of RCA. Vernon Reeves and Jean E. Sammet of Sylvania Electric Products completed the specifications of COBOL. COBOL has been improved many times to what it is today.

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