Class is officially ended

There will be no more sessions of the class. Thanks again for all of your hard work! I will continue to watch this site if you want to ask questions, however. You can always post to the forum or email me directly.


Welcome to the Programming 101 Wiki.

This is the main point of communication for class. Here, you will find a Resources page with links to books, web sites and software that we'll use in class. You can also find the list of topics for your biweekly reports. There's even a forum we can use to discuss topics outside of class sessions.

My goal for this class is to introduce you to computer programming. I'd like you to think of programming like you would think of using a calculator: it's just another tool you can use to solve problems. Along the way, we'll learn about the history of computation from early machines like the abacus all the way up to modern day devices like like the iPhone.

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